Resolution to my accumulated health problems came firstly when I met with my family Doctor and during consultation I was told “You may be suffering from Sleep Apnoea” and “one in five adults have Sleep Apnoea” also “90% of Australians who suffer from Sleep Apnoea have never been diagnosed!” I was given a Referral Letter to visit: Healthy Sleep Solutions, where I met helpful Sleep Technician-Anthea Molloy. Following a Diagnostic Sleep Trial (at my home over-night), I received detailed confirmation of serious Sleep Apnoea. Consequently, I was referred directly to a nice & friendly CPAP Therapy Consultant-Kara Miller, @ Air Liquide; who arranged a 30 days CPAP (equipment) Trial. The results of the trial confirmed I had experienced a significant improvement in the quality of my nightly sleep and in turn, my ill-health conditions have been continuously improving. I am now a proud owner of my own CPAP equipment, albeit for 4 weeks. My only regret is that my `previous’ family Doctor hadn’t identified the need for me to undertake a Diagnostic Sleep Trial some years previously.

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Healthy Sleep Solutions Testimonal
Leighton, City of Adelaide – August 2015

Thank you to Chris and Healthy Sleep Solutions, Mandurah. Her happy and encouraging approach to her work quickly settled any feelings of uncertainty I may have had. Her knowledge and advice of HSS sleep apnea testing and treatment is genuine, practical and professional. There was no fuss and the satisfaction I got from follow up appointments was fantastic. I have now regained control of my life thanks to Chris and the Healthy Sleep Solutions Sleep Apnea treatment.

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Regained control of my life
Graeme Giles, Pinjarra WA

I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea 1 year ago. Since I’ve had my Res Med machine, all is very good. The service I got was first class.

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First class service
Dorothy M, 27-7-2015
Read this now!

I assume if you are reading this….. you like me was very apprehensive about being treated for
SLEEP APNEA ? ….. Read on as this could be a life changing move.

I’m 44 years of age and at least 30 kilos overweight. I have niggling health issues like sinus, headaches, other aches, bad toilet habits etc. I struggled to sleep and the snoring was terrible especially after a few beers. There were days when the effects of Sleep Apnea were catastrophic from a work point of view, as the brain doesn’t work when you haven’t had quality sleep.

When my doctor told me to have a sleep test I protested and to be honest nearly pulled the plug at the last moment. I remember saying to him there was no way I’m wearing a mask looking like a freak. The test whilst not painful was confronting. It illustrated to me how bad a sleeper I was. My assessment after the test was as expected: a chronic sufferer of Sleep Apnea. Machine and Mask was the outcome.

The NEW LIFE for me…
I can vividly remember my first night with the mask and the perceived stigma it brings with it. What will people think? My wife, a great supporter and was more than happy I was trying to halt the snoring, but there’s always that fear that it may create further bedroom friction. The kids ? What would they think of their dad? All these questions became insignificant after one night.I laughed, my wife LOVED IT because I didn’t snore and the kids just joked and called me Darth Vader! ITS NOT EMBARRASING , its just a simple LIFE Change

What about me? HOW DID I FEEL???????? I FELT SO GOOD ! BETTER THAN I HAD FOR SO LONG ! BRILLIANT ! ALIVE! FREE OF BRAIN CLUTTER !! ITS HARD TO EXPLAIN. THAT MISTY TIRED FEELING in the MORNINGS IS NOW GONE. If you are still with me? Here are some of the benefits I have noticed and experienced after one month – incredible life changing for me. NO SNORING at ALLDRY MOUTH gone. HEADACHES gone. No URINATION during the night. TOILET habits nearly perfect (regular)SINUS CLEAR. ACHES in JOINTS minimal. SKIN clearer. Minimal RESTLESSNESS at night. Longer SLEEP MISTY TIRED feeling non existent in the morning. WEIGHT Dropping. MEMORY and RETENTION at work 20 fold better. LIBIDO Increase. MOOD SWINGS gone. TIRED whilst DRIVING is no longer.

So how do I feel now? Brilliant! Alive! Free of brain clutter! That misty tired feeling in the mornings is now gone. Every day I discover something better about myself because I feel alive again. I understand everyone is an individual and react to treatment so differently BUT I can honestly say to you this has changed my life and would recommend this treatment to anyone with Sleep Apnea. My only regret was I should have done this years ago.

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Deputy Chairman Queensland Greyhounds Racing
Steve Hawkins, Race Broadcaster Gold Coast Turf Club – since 1998

I knew for some time that I had Sleep Apnoea but had been put off by the thought of the testing and spending a night in hospital, all wired up and probably unable to sleep at all. I was delighted when I found out I could do the sleep study in the comfort of my own home through Calanna Pharmacy. Once I received my CPAP machine I had the best night’s sleep I had had in a long time. No longer did I wake up feeling exhausted and with a massive headache from oxygen deprivation. Now I never sleep without the machine and take it with me wherever I go. It is convenient to take and no longer do I have to suffer the embarrassment of really loud and irregular, suffocating snoring. I should have done it sooner.

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I had the best night’s sleep I had had in a long time.
Andrea, Cairns QLD

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