Healthy Sleep Solutions was founded in 2007 to overcome the barriers that were preventing people at risk of Sleep Apnea from being diagnosed and receiving the treatment they needed.

Sleep Apnea is a serious health condition. If left untreated it can increase the risks of cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks1,2 or strokes3 and even motor vehicle accidents.4

What’s more, Sleep Apnea is a very common condition. Over 2 million Australians are affected.5 However, while treatment is highly effective, approximately 80% of people with Sleep Apnea remain undiagnosed.6

Before Healthy Sleep Solutions, people at risk of Sleep Apnea often faced lengthy waiting times to access diagnostic services. Their only choice would be to undergo complicated and expensive diagnostic procedures in special sleep laboratories.

Many patients found it difficult to sleep normally in the unfamiliar environment of a sleep laboratory and after their diagnosis there was often a lack of convenient, ongoing patient support services to help ensure they received tailored treatment options.


Sleep Apnea is highly prevalent in Australia and snoring and sleepiness are common symptoms
Snoring sleep apnea australia apnoea
It is estimated that more than 60% of adults occasionally snore and more than 30% regularly snore1
obstructive sleep apnea males females apnoea
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) occurs in approximately 10% of females and 25% of males2,3
high blood pressure sleep apnea apnoea
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is commonly associated with high blood pressure and diabetes
obese sleep apnea overweight bmi apnoea
Given the recent rise in obesity, the prevalence of sleep-related symptoms, snoring and OSA are likely to increase5
under diagnosis apnoea undiagnosed sleep apnea
More than 80% of OSA sufferers are yet to be diagnosed6


Since 2007, we have provided a convenient, affordable and accurate alternative to laboratory-based sleep testing for tens of thousands of patients at risk of Sleep Apnea.

Working with leading independent specialist Sleep Physicians across Australia, Healthy Sleep Solutions is committed to delivering the benchmark for Sleep Apnea diagnosis, treatment and support.

We are proud of our consistently high level of patient care and the comprehensive service we provide to General Practice, Cardiology, Endocrinology and other specialties.

Today we have become the largest facilitator of Sleep Apnea diagnosis and treatment solutions in Australia and one of the largest in the world.

References: 1. Jose M Marin, Santiago J Carrizo, Eugenio Vicente, Alvar G N Agusti. Long-term cardiovascular outcomes in men with obstructive sleep apnoea-hypopnoea with or without treatment with continuous positive airway pressure: an observational study: Lancet 2005;365:1046-53. 2. Logan et al. High prevalence of unrecognized sleep apnea in drug-resistant hypertension. J Hypertension 2001;19:2271-227. 3. Bassetti et al. Sleep apnea in acute cerebrovascular diseases: final report on 128 patients. Sleep 1999;22:217-223 4. Naughton M, Pierce R. Sleep apnoea’s contribution to the road toll. Aust N Z J Med. 1991;21(6):833–834.[PubMed] 5. Medical Services Advisory Committee, Public Summary Document, Application No. 1130 – Unattended Sleep Studies in the Diagnosis and Reassessment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea March 2010. 6. Fatigue and Transport Working Party (Ad hoc sub-committee of the Australasian Sleep Association 03-04).

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