Some brief facts on Sleep Apnea in Australia

Sleep Apnea is highly prevalent in Australia and snoring and sleepiness are common symptoms presenting to General Practice

The relationship between OSA and other health risks is well established


 Prevalence of Sleep Disordered Breathing 1,2,3,4



Resistant HT




Type 2 Diabetes


1 Silversberg, D.; 2 Logan et al.; 3 O’Keefe et al.; 4 Einhorn et al.

There are many barriers that currently inhibit the effective diagnosis and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). These include:

Healthy Sleep Solutions is dedicated to removing these barriers by providing you with a convenient, cost effective and simple solution for the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of OSA.

Our team of patient centric sleep technicians are expert at facilitating home-based, ambulatory sleep studies and are also best placed to provide treatment solutions and ongoing follow up to those patients identified with sleep apnea. Our focus is on offering both you and your patient a convenient and simple end to end disease management solution for sleep apnea.


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