Whether you are at the start of your treatment or have been on treatment for many years, your Healthy Sleep Solutions technician is available to help you with all of your sleep apnea needs. They are able to offer you advice and support in getting the most out of your treatment and conduct a PAP machine download to ensure your treatment is still effective. They will also help with any equipment issues you may face including organising loan equipment if your machine needs to be sent in for repair or showing you the newest technology available for sleep apnea.

Your Healthy Sleep Solutions technician ensures;

  • The test for sleep apnea was easy. I didn’t realise what a problem my sleep apnea was until I went onto treatment. Now I have more energy, my blood pressure is controlled and my wife is happy that I don’t keep her awake at night.

     – Patient A, Toowoomba QLD

  • Since I’ve been treated for Sleep Apnea, it feels like someone has replaced my tired, worn out batteries with brand new, long lasting ones. I now feel like the Duracell Bunny.

    – Patient B, Albury VIC

  • Before I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, I had previously had a stroke and was considered obese. Now that I am on treatment, I’ve started Zumba classes and am feeling a lot healthier

    – Patient C, Woolloomooloo NSW


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