Media Release > Air Liquide Healthcare Acquires a Majority Share in Healthy Sleep Solutions
June 6, 2013

Air Liquide continues the development of its home healthcare activity with the acquisition in Australia of a 73.3% share of Healthy Sleep Solutions.

Since 2001, Air Liquide Healthcare has become the world leader in medical gases. The Group has also become the worldwide leader in respiratory healthcare and the leading European player in hygiene products and services. The success is naturally based on the know-how of Air Liquide, but is also the result of the individual and collective contributions of Air Liquide Healthcare’s 4,700 employees throughout the world.

Healthy Sleep Solutions is a leading player in the field of diagnosis and treatment for patients with sleep disorders, notably sleep apnea. Founded in 2007 in Australia, Healthy Sleep Solutions is specialised in sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment at the patient’s home. Through its global solutions, it provides sleep apnea patients with effective Continuous Positive Airway Pressure treatment, helping them improve their quality of life.

In Australia, it is estimated that around 600,000 people suffer from sleep apnea, of which only 25% have been diagnosed to date. In 2012, Healthy Sleep Solutions has taken care of over 10,000 patients in Australia with the support of a team of 15 employees and a network of 75 technicians. The company has developed a strong relationship with an extensive number of local sleep physicians, Specialists and General Practitioners. Relying on sleep diagnosis at home and in laboratories, Air Liquide will now provide in Australia complete quality care services for patients with mild to severe sleep disorders.

Air Liquide intends to pursue Healthy Sleep Solutions’ development by favouring the continuity of the Healthy Sleep Solution’s management, led by Marjan Mikel and Stephen Newton, and by relying upon the expertise and commitment of its teams.

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