In the news > David Simon – Chairman, Australian Trucking Association Speaking to the National Press Club on the Dangers of Sleep Apnea
April 3, 2013
David Simon speaking at the National Press Club regarding the dangers of Sleep Apnea

Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association David Simon addresses the National Press Club on the topic Australian Trucking: Safe, Professional, Essential.

David in his adddress is quoted as follows:

  • “One of the issues we need to address is Sleep Apnea”
  • “Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that can increase the risk of accidents by between 2 and 7 times”
  • “2 in 5 truck drivers could have sleep apnea”
  • “In 2009 the ATA warned the National Transport Commission that the driver medical standards should include a better test for sleep apnea, but the NTC though did not heed our advice”
  • “sleep apnea is something that we take very seriously in my business”

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