About Healthy Sleep Solutions

We are Australia’s largest facilitator of home sleep apnea studies and therapy.

On the recommendations of independent sleep physicians and under the supervision of their referring doctor, HSS has tested and treated more than 100,000 sleep apnea patients over 7 years.

“We make sleep apnea easy”

Our Patient Pathway

Our Patient Pathway is an end-to-end solution for the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of obstructive sleep apnea

1. Identification of sleeping disorder
Speak to your doctor, who will determine if you are at risk of having sleep apnea and will write you a sleep test referral
2. Diagnosis and testing
You will undergo a sleep test in your own bed. Your sleep physician will provide a diagnosis and management recommendations
3. Treatment of sleep apnea
Your sleep technician will guide you through your sleep apnea treatment options, spending time with you to ensure you receive personalised treatment
4. Ongoing support
Your sleep technician is your sleep apnea life partner; offering ongoing support, follow up consultations and troubleshooting


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