Healthy Sleep Solutions is the pioneering company for providing home sleep diagnosis of sleep apnea and its relevant treatment in Australia. Healthy Sleep Solutions is also committed to the ongoing patient care and support required to ensure the best possible health outcomes.

Proudly Australian, Healthy Sleep Solutions was founded in 2007 with the express purpose of providing doctors and their patients at risk of sleep apnea with convenient and affordable access to diagnostic, treatment and long term disease management “solutions that come to you”.

Sleep apnea is an extremely serious disorder and is highly prevalent in Australia. Whilst treatment is highly effective, the main barrier is the recognition and diagnosis of the condition with approximately 2 million Australians remaining undiagnosed.*

To help address this imbalance between diagnosis and treatment, Healthy Sleep Solutions submitted an independent application to the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) which helped lead to the validation of a Medicare item number for unattended sleep studies in the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. This has created a cost-effective, safe, convenient, effective and complimentary option to laboratory-based sleep testing.

Prior to the formation of Healthy Sleep Solutions, patients often faced lengthy, complicated and often expensive procedures in order to be diagnosed with sleep apnea.  In addition, a number of doctors reported that their patients had difficulty in sleeping normally in a strange environment of a sleep laboratory and the difficulty in obtaining convenient, ongoing patient support services to help them deal with treatment options.

These issues were considered major obstacles to people seeking effective, affordable, enduring treatment for their often debilitating and dangerous symptoms. The introduction of the Healthy Sleep Solutions disease management model has helped remove these barriers for both doctors and patients alike.

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