CPAP Guardian


New Generation CPAP Guardian – Disinfecting CPAP easily and only from Healthy Sleep Solutions.

Routine usage of CPAP can introduce bacteria and other allergens into a CPAP machine. Trapped bacteria can multiply in the warm and humid environment inside the CPAP and this could cause patients problems. Cleaning a CPAP, humidifier, mask and hose is an important part of CPAP care but it does not kill the germs inside the machine.

Now the new revolutionary CPAP Guardian disinfects the inside of your CPAP where traditional cleaning cannot reach. It does this by generating ozone which is a natural disinfecting gas and pumps it through the interior of the CPAP machine helping to kill germs and destroy allergens such as pollen without using dangerous chemicals, such as formaldehyde, benzene, methylbenzene, ammonia, sulphur dioxide or radiation.

The Healthy Sleep Solutions CPAP Guardian is:
  • Comprehensive – it disinfects the CPAP, tube and humidifier
  • Convenient – it is battery powered
  • User friendly – disinfected without starting the CPAP and turns itself off when the process is complete
  • Economical – you can use any bag for the disinfecting process, i.e. no other hidden costs
  • Portable – with its 16cm height and 206g weight, it’s easy to carry around

Healthy Sleep Solutions is the exclusive provider of the new generation of CPAP Guardian in Australia and New Zealand. The Recommended Retail Price is $119, one-year warranty and free shipping.
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