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CPAP Pillow – Exclusive to Healthy Sleep Solutions

In order to improve patient comfort and compliance and ensure the ongoing effectiveness of sleep apnea treatment, Healthy Sleep Solutions is pleased to be the exclusive provider of the CPAP Pillow in Australia and New Zealand. This pillow can be used with all CPAP and APAP devices and enables you to sleep comfortably and wake refreshed whilst using any mask.

Other benefits of this pillow include:
  • Reduces mask interference, shifting and leaks
  • Improves sleep comfort and CPAP compliance
  • Minimises facial sores and bruising
  • Sleep in any position, including sleeping on your side
  • Align your airway and spine

    • The Healthy Sleep Solutions CPAP Pillow boasts a cushioned and supportive moulded foam base plus a dual fabric design. The silky, quilted material follows the pillow’s contours so your CPAP mask and shoulders easily glide over these areas as you move throughout the night, all while your head is cushioned by soft velour. The attached hose tether keeps the CPAP hose apparatus away from you during the night. The pillow promotes proper support and contact free CPAP use. The pillow cover easily zips off for washing.

      The pillow comes with a 2 year warranty and costs an affordable $189.00 (that’s about 3 cents an hour for a more comfortable night’s sleep over the guaranteed life of the pillow!) and shipping is free.
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